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rotating movement tray lips on 4 edges for bases of 40x40 mm

rotating movement tray lips on 4 edges for bases of 40x40 mm

Référence : pmp-4rc-40x40-3x1

1 movement tray of 120x40 mm

height edge :

Magnetic/ferrous :

color :


Pivoting movement tray, 120x40 mm with 4 independant lips, assembly with box joints.

A 1 mm margin is reserved between the base area and the lips to insert or remove bases easily. Could contain for 3 bases 40x40 mm.

This support is perfect for mass battles, and allows to remove
of your unit losses directly in the heat of the battle.

The pivot enables a rotation of the tray about its center, while retaining its original position.

Bases distribution:
- Number of bases in width: 3
Number of bases in depth: 1

Several finishes available: raw or pre-painted finish, with possibility to add a magnetic sheet, or a ferous sheet.

Kit needs to be assembled and glued before use.

For kit assembly, we recommande the use of wood glue, or neoprene. During the drying process, the use of clamps could be helpful (modeling clamps, or clothes pegs).

*note: It is possible that the laser cutting process leaves a small amount of dirt on the product. This is easily cleaned with a lightly wet soft cloth.

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