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oval base 105x70mm

oval base 105x70mm

Référence : soc-ro-105x70mm

1 base of 105x70mm

Thickness :

Magnetic/ferrous :

Colour of base :


1 ovale base for 105x70 mm.

Several finishes available:
- Thickness 2 or 3mm.
- Raw or pre-painted.
- Neodymium**magnet (1,2 or 4 magnets depending on model).

Options are applied before the laser cutting process. Except for neodyme magnets which are assembled before shipping.

*note: It is possible that the laser cutting process leaves a small amount of dirt on the product.
This is easily cleaned with a lightly wet soft cloth.

**Warning: the use of this kind of magnet is forbidden for child under 14, and not recommended to people with medical devices (heart stimulator, probes, and so on), as the strong magnetic field could cause damage to these devices.

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